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This page is to show some of the restoration we have done on sewing machines, how they start off to how they look at the end result, all machines are fully striped down and cleaned, new parts are put on if needed or the old ones cleaned and put back. Restoration can take a long time but we get them as close to looking there best as we can..

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This is a singer 201k that we restored as you can see from the pictures the bas paint is all cracked and very dull.

And this is the same 201k once we had finished, as you can see it lookes like a different machine.

IMG_20150331_123455048 IMG_20150331_123503458 DSCN4373 IMG_20150331_123546956 IMG_20150331_123509455 IMG_20150331_123521051 DSCN4367 IMG_20150331_123521051 DSCN4368 DSCN4371 DSCN4369

this is a singer 222k which we have recently had in for restoration,



201 how it looks now 201 getting there 201 resto

This is another singer 201k we have had in for restoration ...

2016-08-02 22.32.22